Thursday, January 20, 2011

This blog has moved!

Dear friends,

It seems as if I have abandoned you here, but fear not! My blog lives on in another form. Dare I say, a better form:

I've made some improvements, and I would love it if you checked out the new (well, really, same old ) blog!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday started out slow, but finished up fabulous! My getting dressed process was a bit more inspired than usual, but I had a big day ahead of me, with the two-hour drive to my sister's house.
There's that bag again. I'm just obsessed with that vintage beaded bag. I purchased it for the shop, and it will probably show up there some day, but I'm not sure how soon. That's the only vintage piece. Cardigan and embroidered sweater, thrifted, shoes and socks are from NineWest two and one year ago respectively. Skirt, target, via Plato's Clost and tights, Betsy Johnson.

On the road trip I got some fantastic pieces for the shop. I officially have my work totally cut out for me. To help with the over-stock, I'm planning a vintage party for November 22nd. Wine, snacks, and vintage! Complete with a gift-wrapping station. Proceeds are going toward the traveling vintage project. Matt and I are saving up to move into a camper and tour the country, selling vintage, seeing the sites, being creative, and living the dream. If you're in Bloomington or near by, please plan to come over on November 22nd.


Monday, November 8, 2010

First "What I Wore" post!

Today was an undeniably beautiful day, no jackets necessary. It inspired me to put forth a little effort, which was nice after spending another lone weekend in winery logo wear. It isn't great, but I thought it was bloggable. This is my FIRST "what I wore" post, so they'll get better with time. My outfit includes:
a sweet little red 70s dress with WHITE SEAGULLS all over it (!)
a fantastic 1960s beaded handbag
a blush lacy slip peeking out around the hem
and some great boots from TootiesCloset, a great shop on Etsy with a killer selection of boots and handbags at no-brainer prices.

Speaking of getting better with time, I picked up a bottle of 2007 Creekbend Chambourcin, which will be an absolutely lovely wine. The local co-op carries a couple of Oliver Winery's estate wines, and 2007 is officially two vintages ago. I'm excited for its silky, subdued raspberry goodness. A quick visit to the local salvation army turned up some great knitwear, a couple of lovely dress, and a totally steampunk/art deco waffle maker. Coming soon to PirateVintage and BirdsChasingBugs.

What a great afternoon!

Hello, world!

I am Matt, and I'll be posting on this blog from time to time too! I'm hoping to breathe new life into Amber's old Etsy shop, PirateVintage, and it's off to a fairly good start. Check it out!
If you're like me, you probably can't help but roll your eyes at the "early adopters" of the 3D television. History shows that stereoscopy comes and goes, it's always worn out its welcome after awhile. So we all have this choice to make: what piece of technology do you want around your house for the .01% of the time when you want to see "3D" images? A $2000, electricity-scarfing, content-starved behemoth? Or the quirky analog charms of the View-Master? Get your depth-of-field fix on the cheap!

You can find this clever post and the viewmaster itself by clicking here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Afternoon Discovery

This afternoon I stumbled across this absolutely riveting project that incorporates art history, museum vaults, and the recreation of hidden gems onto human bodies. The intimacy of these projects goes far beyond any candid photography shoots, and reaches back centuries into art history. Take a look.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gearing up.

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You probably haven't heart yet (since I've been keeping it a secret) that I am starting a shop for handmade goods. I'm really nervous about selling my little watercolor petri dishes, because I feel like the idea isn't quite complete. I'm hoping you can give me some feedback. So here's a sneak peek into OfAFeatherIllustrated. You lucky duck.

Monday, October 25, 2010


When fall arrives, I always have a craving to mix it up with some menswear. The prospect of layering makes my heart go all a-flutter. Ruffles with knife pleats. Plaids with florals. Vests with v-necks. Bomber jackets. I just love adding a little menswear to the mix. These are some of my favorites on Etsy right now. Go ahead, androgynize.

If you want to put all of these items at once, like I do, you can find them here:
* Fabulous Grandpa Sweater on 10th Avenue East, a shop that has a fresh, yet classy mix of vintage

* Amazing High-waisted Wool Blend Pants on HumpAStuff, a shop whose name suggests that there is some adult content (and there is), but that also has a bold collection of vintage apparel and housewares

* Gorgeous Silk Blouse on GreatestFriend, and one of my personal favorites, a shop with quality hand-selected timeless pieces

* UNBELIEVABLE Deadstock Oxfords on kakronti's Bummertown, a shop run by a lovely lady here in my home town

* Totally unique Elk Cufflinks on PossumGully, a shop I'm hoping to see more of in the future