Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salvation Army, How I Love Thee...

...let me count the ways:
1. A gorgeous plaid coat for winter, for me or maybe for the lucky someone who gets it first
2. Two beautiful cloche hats, one in cashmere and one in wool
3. Some lovely boots, for now and later
4. A gorgeous 60s handbag in tempting red suede with tiny gold studs
5. Some fabulous 6os heels
6. A gorgeous hand-made mini dress in the colors of gilding and orange sorbet
7. Rain coats with fabulous art-deco lining....

Need I go on?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

For Fun.

This is totally not related to the vintage clothing topic, but I needed to share it. Check out this amazing staring contest between the drummer of OK GO and Animal.

Mod Cloth Feature!

While I was hiding out from the heat this afternoon, I remembered that my friend Karissa had informed me she'd been scoped by a writer from ModCloth. "Remember that yellow skirt you gave me? It was years ago. You'd remember it if you saw it... banana yellow with a pleat in the front...." The conversation went something like this, and I really couldn't remember the skirt, until she pulled it out of her closet. Oh yeah, THAT skirt! I couldn't believe she still had it, but I guess a great vintage piece really will last you for years. Click here to see the mod cloth article and the deliciously nuts-o ensemble that attracted the attention of ModCloth.

Karissa, you are the only human being I know who could pull off that outfit. Lots of love, lady.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Third Dance Today

Last night, Matt and I were discussing whether or not a seller would be notified if their item was tagged in a Storque article on the Etsy blog. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can gladly report that the blogger will not notify you. You just have to find the item for yourself, so read that Storque blog!

A sweet BirdsChasingBugs accessory is listed in this really great blog about organizing a clothing swap.


Hey hey. I just wanted to share this fantastic Ebay find with you. These oxfords are gorgeous and so unique! I just have too much foot and too few dollars for them right now. They are only $14.99 plus shipping right now, with no bids. Ladies, you need these.

Fantastic Day for BCB!

My shop is still so fresh that I do a little dance every time someone purchases an item from me. Today I did two dances! Also, I came home to a message about being included in a new treasury. This beautiful Whiting & Davis mesh bag was included in this very chic treasury. This vintage find is compliments of my younger sister. Thanks, Aimz!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gaga for Silver and Gold Lamay

Ok, no matter what your musical tastes, you must admit that there's something to love about Lady Gaga. She throws in a steampunk piece every now and then, and her videos remind me a lot of Matthew Barney. So, here are some links to items in my Etsy shop that can help you achieve this dripping-in-metallics-and-craziness without being too out-of-this-world to wear to work. Try these Italian-made silver sandals on for size. Craving a flat? How about these gold mesh ballet flats? BirdsChasingBugs is also currently offering a classic 60s era silver clutch for the classier dame who wants to channel the Gaga. You can pick up these molten silver Capezios for day-to-day comfort.

The possibilities are endless!

Navy Treasury!

This lovely little swimsuit has been featured in a new treasury on Etsy! Go here to view the treasury and find other lovely items on Etsy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some eye candy.

Since my first post wasn't much to look at, I thought I would add some photos of items that you can find in BirdsChasingBugs. The shop is rich with color and texture.

Find it on Etsy!

I am a little obsessed with Etsy. I started a vintage shop in March, when I dramatically quit my full-time job (which provided me with health insurance, but was ironically quite bad for my health). I now check my Etsy account every time I see a computer. My main Etsy shop is birdschasingbugs.etsy.com. Along with my boyfriend, Matt, I also have another shop, piratevintage.etsy.com. I'm starting this blog up to keep you updated with my Etsy shop, but I guarantee it will meander from topic to topic!